About Us

Hi, First of all I would like to say thank you so much for visiting this page. I’m a web designer and design different graphics for my clients. Actually, it was very difficult to find the best collection of some fonts that you can use in your designs.

I usually try a lot and it took me hours to find a good font for my project. So then i thought about creating this site and finally did it. Now there are many font designers who daily share their work on Cofonts.com

On another hand, there are many graphic designers, who are getting a lot of benefits by downloading their desired fonts from this website. Because i have listed almost all type of fonts on this website to save your time.

It does not matter that you are going to design a graphic or going to design your next theme. You can easily find almost all type of fonts on Cofonts.com and those all fonts come in different formats.

Because as a graphic designer, i know that it’s also very hard to find a good font for themes. So this site is not only for graphic designers. But web designers can also get their amazing fonts from Cofonts.com.

I ask you for nothing but what i want is just a simple share on your social media profile. Actually, it helps your friends and fellows to quickly download the best fonts and they can also save their a lot of time, same as you are doing.

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