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Allura font is a script typeface that is one of the stylish and appealing fonts of the Allura font family. Like other script fonts, Allura is one of the readable and understandable typefaces that has a touch of calligraphy. TypeSETit designed this typeface under the open-source license and is available to everyone without any limitations. It has a long list of styles and weights, including Bold, Italic, etc. making it one of the finest choices to make.

It makes ideal and appropriate pairing with many typefaces incorporating Open Sans font and Josefin Slab font. Furthermore, you can easily and conveniently make various simple and stylish Allura font textures and logos with Allura font Generator that you can easily get online on different websites. The tool is completely free.

Usage of Allura Font

Allura has a stylish and elegant touch that undoubtedly proves to be a considerable choice for your designs and websites. Like all other designs of Rob Leuschke, it is also one of his legal and stylish creations. It is fun to use a typeface that makes a wonderful choice in many situations.

You can highly consider this font for different invitation cards, ads, movie and series titles, for announcement purposes, CDs, application forms, websites, titles, and many more places. Besides being a contemporary font, it is legible and clear.

Allura Font View

Allura Font View

Allura Font View

Font Information

NameAllura Font
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseCommercial Usage Allowed
TypeFree Version

License Information

Allura font was designed by the open-source license. This handwritten typeface has unique and elegant features that go best with all your commercial and trading projects and above all, they are completely free without any licensing authority. However, you need to have a license in order to sell those fonts.

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Allura Font free Download

Allura is a free typeface that makes your commercial, trading, and printing projects a huge success. From the specified link, you can install the font in the system that would allow you to make it your top priority in many situations.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Type of Font Is Allura Font?

It is a script typeface that is one of the fonts of the Allura font family. TypeSETit released this super stylish and elegant typeface many years ago that is still worth considering. It has many weights and styles that increase its importance.

Is Allura Font Free for Commercial Use?

The font is available to everyone for every level of the project whether it is personal or commercial. The font doesn’t require any licensing authority so you are free to use both versions without any issue.

What Is Allura Font Generator?

It is a tool that is used by all designers. This tool helps you to create different Allura font Logos and posters online and helps to make the downloaded font well-matched with the browser.

What Font Goes Well with Allura?

Allura and Volkhov make the best pairing and would be great to pair them in your projects.

Where You Can Use Allura Font?

You can use this font in different wedding invitations, business cards, movie and series titles, Posters, banners, and many other spots where legibility is important.

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