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American typewriter font is a serif typeface that comes under the slab classification. Joel Kaden and Tony Stan designed this serif font in 1974 for different foundries including ITC, Apple, Adobe, and Linotype. The designer took inspiration from the typewriters of serif style for designing this font. The characters of this font do not have identical widths. It gives you old vibes and is often used in places where you do not want to set a modern image.

Furthermore, you can get American typewriter font free in numerous versions that make it easy for you to exceed the usage. On the other hand, you have the facility of the American typewriter font Generator tool and this also works well with carrington font. With this tool, you are free to design different American typewriter font designs online.

The font comprises 4 weights including bold and light and has a distinct condensed style. However, a few weights don’t contain an Italic version.

Usage of American Typewriter Font

The font has been applied in the various media fields for a long time and is still used. An American New Motorweek used this font in different signs for many years. Furthermore ‘The Office’ applied this font to their logo that made it popular. Hence, you can apply the font on various spots including the media field, Logos, Titles, websites, designs, etc.

Moreover, you can use Courier font as similar to the American typewriter font. It is also a slab-serif font.

American Typewriter Font View

American Typewriter Font View

Font Information

NameAmerican Typewriter Font
DesignerChristopher Latham Sholes
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree for Commercial Use
TypeFree Version

License Information

It is not a free font so you have to purchase the license in order to start openly using it. After buying the license, you can apply the font to all your products and projects openly.

American Typewriter Font Family (Includes 9 Typeface)

  1. ITC American Typewriter Pro Light
  2. ITC American Typewriter Pro Light Italic
  3. ITC American Typewriter Pro Medium
  4. ITC American Typewriter Pro Medium Italic
  5. ITC American Typewriter Pro Bold
  6. ITC American Typewriter Pro Bold Italic
  7. ITC American Typewriter Pro Light Condensed
  8. ITC American Typewriter Pro Medium Condensed
  9. ITC American Typewriter Pro Bold Condensed

Similar Fonts to American Typewriter Font (Related Fonts)

  • Lm Mono Lt10-Bold Oblique
  • Neo Bulletin Italic
  • Lm Mono Prop Lt10-Bold Obliqu
  • Lm Mono Slant10-Regular
  • Utm Times Bold Italic
  • Opti Bookman Bold Italic Swash
  • Opti Bar May-Medium Ita

American Typewriter Font Free Download

You can obtain American typewriter font free for personal work. However, for other use, you can buy the license after having detailed information on its use.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Type of Font Is the American Typewriter Font?

It is a serif typeface that was designed after being stimulated by the designs of an American inventor, Christopher Latham Sholes. The font is also called ITC American Typewriter and Helvetica Typewriter.

What Is the Font that Looks Like a Typewriter?

A slab serif font, Courier font contains similarities with an American typewriter font.

Is American Typewriter a Good Font?

It is undoubtedly worth using a typeface that contains various condensed styles and weights. Many notable companies and brands have used this font on their logos that depict its importance.

What Font Is Closest to An Old Typewriter?

Whitney Font is closest to an old typewriter font.

Where Can You Use American Typewriter Font?
You can use this font in different entertainment fields. Furthermore, you can apply the font to Logos, Titles, websites, texts, designs, and many other possible places.
What Is an American Typewriter Font Generator?
You can use this tool to create different American typewriter font shapes and designs free of cost. You can get this amazing and useful tool online without charges. Furthermore, you can eliminate compatibility problems.

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