Antique Olive Bold Font Free Download

Introducing a thicken and summarize typeface with amazing legible letterforms, that is known as Antique Olive Bold Font. The typeface family belongs to the display category due to its high condensed and sharp-cutting edges characters. It is available only in Bold style and Truetype outlines. The typeface style also carried Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers and Numerals, Punctuations, and symbols also. The typeface family also has many other similar fonts over famous websites like dafont, google fonts, adobe fonts as well.

The typeface is a prominent selection for headings and titles as well as logo designs. Due to its powerful, bold style, it is manageable for all kinds of low and high-quality designs. Its classic visual appearance also provides the sans serif look. You can also download its italic style over the internet. The great thing about the typeface is that it is worthy for assembling dissimilar designs in CSS (Cascading style sheet) and adobe software like adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop and InDesign as well.

An Eveleth Font can be fit with that typeface that has a matching personality and pairing nature. It is available on our website that also has a display category and is ready to download. Its Nord d Italic style is also great for typography and other display purposes.

Usage of Antique Olive Bold Font

The typeface family can be utilized in your documents projects like your official documents, your PowerPoint presentations, your school or home-based assignment works, Posters, Signage, Banners, and much more. It can support various kinds of international languages for abroad users.

The typeface style is also useful for your digital-based designs like Screen Logo, Wallpapers, Digital typography, Graffiti Designs, Website Content, Social Media Posts as well. You can also try the Full Block Font in your valuable designs.

Antique Olive Bold Font Family View

Antique Olive Bold Font

Font Information

NameAntique Olive Bold Font
DesignerMonsieur Marcel OLIVE
File FormatTTF
LicenseFree For Personal Use

License Information

The typeface comes in two versions first one is a free version that you can utilize in your personal works only. And the second one is a commercial version that can only be utilized after purchasing its full access from its author.

Antique Olive Bold Font Family (Includes 1 Typeface)

  • Antique Olive Bold

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Antique Olive Bold Font Free Download

If you need a beautiful and display-style font that makes your project more effective then just click on the download button below and enjoy this typeface.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Google typeface is similar to Antique Olive Bold?

Alfa Slab One Font is the most common typeface and has considerable similarities with this typeface, you can have a look over google fonts by yourself.

Can I use Antique Olive Bold Font in MAC OS?

In the Mac OS open your Font Book App, then steer to the font toolbar and click on the add button and choose the font that you wish to add to your system, and it’s done. Or you can directly drag the font file to the font book app icon.

Is there a free version of Antique Olive Bold typeface?

Yeah! the typeface family can be worked freely in your personal and casual works, however, it is restricted only for commercial projects until you don’t buy its license from its owner.

Can I use Antique Olive Bold Font for my website?

To utilize the typeface in your website project for content and heading purposes would be a great idea. You can also use this typeface for many more purposes.

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