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Representing you a modern typeface that is known as Benton Modern Font. This pretty cool typeface belongs to the serif typeface family and the font style has a large family with great features. The typeface is free for commercial use also and it has been prepared by Tobias Frere-Jones and Richard Lipton and Christian Schwartz extended in after. The typeface was earliest produced by Font Bureau in 1997.

The font’s italic style is derived from a typeface named Century Schoolbook, it is also a serif typeface with beautiful professional letterforms and great texture style that you can have from our website easily. It has special glyphs with basic punctuation, numbers, symbols, and high-level uppercase and lowercase as well.

The font family is accessible in six professional weights with fitting italics function, and it has also four widths condensed, compressed, extra-condensed, standard), likewise a text variety.

Usage of Benton Modern Font

The typeface is recommended for heading and titling and body text for your documents especially. It has very common serif characters with a mature texture that can be fit for both print and digital purposes likewise. The typeface also has special alternates that are very mandatory for your prescribed work.

The typeface can support hundreds of languages and is fulfilled with all the designer’s needs. Everyone knows the serif typefaces are much profitable for printing projects like Newspapers, Documents, Assignments, Notes, Books, and much more.

Benton Modern Font Family View

benton Modern font

Font Information

NameBenton Modern Font
DesignerTobias Frere Jones
File FormatOTF
LicenseFree For Commercial Use

License Information

The font style can be used in non-business and student projects because it is limited by the author for formal use. And if you need to use it for business and profit works then you must contact to the author for buying its full services.

Benton Modern Font Family (Includes 36 Typeface)

  • BentonModDisp-Black
  • BentonModDisp-BlackIt
  • BentonModDisp-Bold
  • BentonModDisp-BoldIt
  • BentonModDispComp-Bold
  • BentonModDispComp-BoldIt
  • BentonModDispComp-Light
  • BentonModDispComp-LightIt
  • BentonModDispComp-Regular
  • BentonModDispComp-RegularIt
  • BentonModDispComp-SemibldIt
  • BentonModDispComp-Semibold
  • BentonModDispCond-Bold
  • BentonModDispCond-BoldIt
  • BentonModDispCond-LightIt
  • BentonModDispCond-Light
  • BentonModDispCond-Regular
  • BentonModDispCond-RegularIt
  • BentonModDispCond-SemibldIt
  • BentonModDispCond-Semibold
  • BentonModDispExCond-Bold
  • BentonModDispExCond-BoldIt
  • BentonModDispExCond-Light
  • BentonModDispExCond-LightIt
  • BentonModDispExCond-Regular
  • BentonModDispExCond-RegularIt
  • BentonModDispExCond-Semibd
  • BentonModDispExCond-SemibdIt
  • BentonModDisp-Light
  • BentonModDisp-LightIt
  • BentonModDisp-Regular
  • BentonModDisp-RegularIt
  • BentonModDisp-Semibold
  • BentonModDisp-SemiboldIt
  • BentonModDisp-Ultra
  • BentonModDisp-UltraIt

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Benton Modern Font Free Download

So if you desire to get the wonderful font in your operating system then just click on the solo download button that showed below and get the font zip file into your system.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Benton Modern Font legible?

The font styles have a very beautiful and high contrast look. Its condensed weights are very beautiful and highly legible.

Is Benton Modern Font Good for Titles?

This sans serif typeface is amazing for heading or titling purposes, it has professional serif characters that are much better for your documents.

Who Created Benton Modern Font?

This modern typeface is designed by Tobias Frere Jones and belongs to the serif typeface family. It has a beautiful large family and can be fit on any design.

Does Google have Benton Modern typeface?

This typeface does not available in Google fonts. However, it’s similar can get from there. You can also download it from our website without any difficulty.

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