Bernard MT Condensed Font

The Bernard MT Condensed font is among the multitude of typefaces crafted during the early twentieth century’s first two to three decades. Despite this, it retains a connection to the organic and natural styles characteristic of the art nouveau movement. Interestingly enough, these fonts often adopt a black coloration, rendering them ideal for poster and display applications.

This distinct font continues an exceptional length enchantment because of its balanced chunky serifs and rounded strokes. Use this font in conditions the place you need to get awareness while keeping an informal tone.

Design Of Bernard MT Condensed Font

Despite the fact that both daring and condensed, Bernard MT Condensed maintains a nice period charm as a result of its balanced chunky serif font and rounded strokes. Use it in situations the place you wish to have to get attention while retaining an informal tone.


First-Class many tremendous types, together with one referred to as Bernhard Antiqua Schmalfette (schmalfette approach “daring condensed” in German), came from the Bauer foundry.

The variation is related to the schmalfette variation from Bauer, however actually first came from Monotype in 1926 with its targeted spelling as Bernard.

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