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In this post, we are going to present you with the largest slab serif typeface family that was designed by Jeremy Dooley and released through a remarkable typeface foundry named Insigne Design. It is the Cabrito font family which was launched as a supplement to the Kid’s books. The letterforms of this font are fun stylish, carefree, and easy to read. It is balancing this friendly connection along with advanced features.

This typeface comes eye-catching in a total of 48 styles including from norm thin to norm Norm ExtraBold Italic, Ext Thin to Ext ExtraBold, Cond Thin to Cond ExtraBold Italic (every weight has matching italics. This typeface offers an attractive copy text with some extra modern sensibility incorporated into the design, it is still playful and bright.

This modern typeface is cleaner and softness ensuring that it has great legibility for any design as well as text. Besides, this font family has an amazing set of characters including many stylistic alternatives, all Eastern and Western characters support, texture ligatures, and many special characters. You can free download this font family for all your personal projects.

Usage of Cabrito Font

There are numerous places where you can apply this amazing typeface. It offers the clearest and cleanest characters which provide great eligibility to your texture contents when used with the Museo Slab font. So you can use it for creating amazing headlines and titles. It is also highly used for official documentation and we have noticed many organizations and websites that they are using this font for various purposes.

Due to its softness and attractive look, you can use this font for plenty of design purposes such as:-

  • Logo designs
  • Website and Blogs headings
  • Social media Posts
  • Publishing purposes
  • Advertisments
  • Business cards and Invitation cards
  • Book Covers
  • Magazines and Newspapers
  • App design
  • Video games developments
  • Signages
  • Emblems and Labels

Cabrito Font Family View

Cabrito Font

Font Information

NameCabrito Font
DesignerJeremy Dooley
StyleSlab Serif
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree For Personal Use

License Information

This font can be utilized without purchasing any license for personal use. However, for any commercial purpose, you will have to buy the license in order to use it legally. You can purchase this typeface’s license and start using it for all your commercial purposes.

Cabrito Font Family (Includes 48 Typeface)

  • Cabrito Norm Thin
  • Cabrito Norm Thin Italic
  • Cabrito Norm Light
  • Cabrito Norm Light Italic
  • Cabrito Norm Book Light
  • Cabrito Norm Book Italic
  • Cabrito Norm Regular
  • Cabrito Norm Italic
  • Cabrito Norm Medium
  • Cabrito Norm Medium Italic
  • Cabrito Norm Demibold
  • Cabrito Norm Demibold Italic
  • Cabrito Norm Bold
  • Cabrito Norm Bold Italic
  • Cabrito Norm ExtraBold
  • Cabrito Norm ExtraBold Italic
  • Cabrito Ext Thin
  • Cabrito Ext Thin Italic
  • Cabrito Ext Light
  • Cabrito Ext Light Italic
  • Cabrito Ext Book Light
  • Cabrito Ext Book Italic
  • Cabrito Ext Regular
  • Cabrito Ext Italic
  • Cabrito Ext Medium
  • Cabrito Ext Medium Italic
  • Cabrito Ext Demibold
  • Cabrito Ext Demibold Italic
  • Cabrito Ext Bold
  • Cabrito Ext Bold Italic
  • Cabrito Ext ExtraBold
  • Cabrito Ext ExtraBold Italic
  • Cabrito Cond Thin
  • Cabrito Cond Thin Italic
  • Cabrito Cond Light
  • Cabrito Cond Light Italic
  • Cabrito Cond Book Light
  • Cabrito Cond Book Italic
  • Cabrito Cond Regular
  • Cabrito Cond Italic
  • Cabrito Cond Medium
  • Cabrito Cond Medium Italic
  • Cabrito Cond Demibold
  • Cond Demibold Italic
  • Cabrito Cond Bold
  • Cond Bold Italic
  • Cabrito Cond ExtraBold
  • Cabrito Cond ExtraBold Italic

Similar Fonts to Cabrito Font (Related Fonts)

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Cabrito Font Free Download

In order to download the font, click the download button mentioned below. This amazing font will be downloaded within seconds that you can use for personal use. If you want to use this font for commercial use then purchase its license.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What kind of font is Cabrito?

This is an ultra-modern slab serif typeface that comes in 48 styles from norm thin to norm Norm ExtraBold Italic, Ext Thin to Ext ExtraBold, Cond Thin to Cond ExtraBold Italic, designed and shared by Jeremy Dooley

Is there any similar font to the Cabrito?

There are many similar fonts that you can see on the internet such as Yorkten Slab font, Ainslie Slab font, Sanchez Niu font, Sybilla Soft Pro font, and many more.

Is Cabrito font safe to use on my PC?

It is a very safe and protective typeface that is not secured for your PC but also can be used on your Mac, Ios, Linux, and Android devices.

Is Cabrito a commercial font?

Of course, this typeface is free for personal uses, however, if you need to make it a more beneficial typeface for commercial uses then you must purchase its license from the font author.

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