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Cambria Font is a transitional typeface, classed as a serif, that Microsoft foundry launched. The design comes from the mind of Jelle Bosma, a Dutch creator, who produced this font in 2004. It works best for body text, enhancing the visibility and comprehension of smaller-sized content. Other fonts in this group consist of the Calibri font, Candara font, and Corbel font.

The font is licensed under different corporations including Proprietary and was released in 2007 for public use. Since then, many designers have experimented with this font. You can also use Cambria Font Generator in order to create the font logos and designs without downloading the font. The tool also makes the font compatible with your browser.

Elena font, Guardian Egyptian, and Skolar are similar to Cambria and make the best pairing.

Usage of Cambria Font

In 2007, Microsft used this font for the first time for the presentation. You can use this font in the Google Drive suite and can be used as a default font for different documents and projects. It goes best for the text body, where the size is small and hard to understand. The font comprises even proportion and spacing.

It is a good choice for printing and online resumes and is entirely one of the professional fonts that should be a priority for many people. You can download the font in different formats.

Cambria Font Family View

Cambria Font View

Cambria Font View

Font Information

NameCambria Font
DesignerJelle Bosma, Steve Matteson and Robin Nicholas.
File FormatOTF,
LicenseFree For Personal Use
TypeFree Version

License Information

This font is licensed by many corporations including Ascender corporation, Monotype Imaging, etc. You can use the free version, but if you want to exceed the usage, purchase the license and ahead with your high-level projects.

Cambria Font Family (Includes 4 Typeface)

  1. Cambria Regular
  2. Cambria Italic
  3. Cambria Bold
  4. Cambria Bold Italic

Similar Fonts to Cambria Font (Related Fonts)

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  • Melior
  • Scientia
  • Prensa
  • Swift

Cambria Font Free Download

If we want to get access to its free version, you can download the font. The link is available in this guide that will help you to download it in your system. Use the font for your personal projects totally free of cost.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Type of Font Is Cambria?

Cambria Font is a serif typeface designed by Jelle Bosma many years ago and released by the Microsoft Foundry. The font is an ideal choice to be used in small screen size text where the content is not understandable.

Is Cambria Font Free for Commercial Use?

The font is created under different corporations so, in order to get access to all the features of this font, you need to have a license that is easily accessible at a limited cost. After having a license, start using the font everywhere.

What Is Cambria Font Used For?

The font is specially designed to make the small screen texts readable, so it is an ideal choice to be used for this purpose. You can make use of this font in many other places, including Documentaries, Texts, Titles, Headings, etc.

Is Cambria a Professional Font?

It is a professional font that has been featured in many noted places—a completely professional font to use in your official projects.

What Is Cambria Font Generator?

It is an online tool that makes different eye-catchy fonts Posters and Logos free of cost without downloading the font.

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