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With a script and geometric sans serif influence that feels fresh and contemporary, this font retains a classy feel. There are a wide variety of creative ideas that will be attracted to this versatility, such as letterheads, titles, and stationery.

Coquette Font is designed by Mark Simonson it is an elegant, flowing font with a delicate feel. It matches a wide range of designs due to its beautiful and well-balanced characters. There are beautiful glyphs, smooth lines, and stunning alternates with yaquote script font.  Discover how it can help you realize your most creative ideas.

This new script font has an irregular baseline. It is a contemporary font that looks stunning on wedding invitations, thank you cards, greeting cards, logos, and business cards. Many languages are supported, starting and ending letters are included, and alternative letters can be used.

Additionally, appropriate for usage in Canva and Adobe software is this typeface. Because it is given inside this method, you may also utilize it for CSS style. Its copying and pasting functionality is available. Other typefaces are comparable to this one that works well together.

Usage of Coquette Font

The tool is used by several designers for different purposes. The typeface is available in one regular style as a Truetype font. There are 650 glyphs per em and 2048 units per glyph. As a result, it can support several global languages, which further enhances its ability to operate globally.

This piece is ideal for any design that needs a bit of whimsy and fun the style of the font should match the tone of the design. This typeface has elegant glyphs and signs. It can be used for more serious or sad animations or bright and exciting projects.

This typeface can be formed utilizing an online font generator. This typeface can be used with copy-paste function. It has countless language support. You can also join this typeface with another fashionable typeface like mission script font. Such a typeface could be a great option.

This priceless typeface is well-known all over the globe. The developers all laud this elegant typeface. This fantastic typeface was adopted by all creators on a variety of surfaces, including graphic novel layouts and graphic novels.

Coquette Font Family View

Coquette Font Family View

Font Information

NameCoquette Font
DesignerMark Simonson
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree For Personal use
TypeOpentype, Truetype

License Information

Downloading the font is completely free for personal use, and the font cannot be used commercially. The author of the font must either grant you permission to use the font or purchase a license if you wish to use it commercially.

Coquette Font Family (Includes 06 Typeface)

  • Coquette Thin
  • Coquette Light
  • Coquette Regular
  • Coquette Bold
  • Coquette Extrabold
  • Coquette Black

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Coquette Font Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I use Coquette Font easily?

It is easy to use Coquette textual style. Install the text style on your computer after downloading it from our site. Use this textual style in the application where the font is needed.

Is Coquette Font safe for my laptop/PC?

This text style is secure for your systems and won’t harm any data you store on them. Checking for infections does not require the use of an antivirus software program. It is all clean in the text-style record.

Where can I get Coquette Font?

To make use of this interesting style of writing. You can download it by going to our site and scrolling down a bit. Once you have downloaded and installed it, you can utilize it without any problem

Where can I use Coquette Font?

A Coquette design can be used to create interesting covers, shop names, logos, and logos for shops, stores, and websites. As well as branding projects, houseware designs, and packaging.

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