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Fira Sans is a sans-serif typeface that was designed by a German typeface designer, Erik Spiekermann, and Ralph du Carrois. It was later founded by bBox Type GmbH and released in 2013. When the font was released, it had only 4 weights, including Medium, Regular, Light, and Bold, but only after a year the font weights expanded and reached number 16.

The Fira Sans font family has the maximum number of font weights, including small caps and text figures. The font gained immense acknowledgment after being used by New Zealand’s Government. Furthermore, you can get your hands on many Fira Sans font Logos and Posters through Fira Sans Font Generator.

Alegreya Sans Thin and Apercu is a perfect alternative to this sans-serif typeface. It also comprises a variant termed Fira Mono that is accessible in different weights, including Medium, Regular and Bold.

Usage of Fira Sans Font

The font is freely accessible to be used in your websites and projects. It has extended usage, and there is no platform where you can’t use this font. Use it freely in your designs, Headings, Posters, Titles, Banners, etc. The font became the first choice for many designers after it was highlighted by New Zealand’s Government.

This friendly and casual font is for all those brand owners who want to make their brand look friendly and relatable.

Fira Sans Font Family View

Fira Sans Font View

Font Information

NameFira Font
DesignerErik Spiekermann
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree For Personal Use
TypeOpentype, Truetype

License Information

The font came into being under an open-source license, so you don’t need to get access to it in order to use Fira Sans font. Use the font on every high and low level without any license restriction.

Fira Sans Font Family (Includes 31 Typeface)

  1. Fira Sans Regular
  2. Fira Sans Two
  3. Fira Sans Four
  4. Fira Sans Eight
  5. Fira Sans Hair
  6. Fira Sans Thin
  7. Fira Sans ExtraLight
  8. Fira Sans Light
  9. Fira Sans Book
  10. Fira Sans Medium
  11. Fira Sans SemiBold
  12. Fira Sans Bold
  13. Fira Sans ExtraBold
  14. Fira Sans Heavy
  15. Fira Sans Ultra
  16. Fira Sans Italic
  17. Fira Sans Two Italic
  18. Fira Sans Four Italic
  19. Fira Sans Eight Italic
  20. Fira Sans Hair Italic
  21. Fira Sans Thin Italic
  22. Fira Sans UltraLight Italic
  23. Fira Sans ExtraLight Italic
  24. Fira Sans Light Italic
  25. Fira Sans Book Italic
  26. Fira Sans Medium Italic
  27. Fira Sans SemiBold Italic
  28. Fira Sans Bold Italic
  29. Fira Sans ExtraBold Italic
  30. Fira Sans Heavy Italic
  31. Fira Sans Ultra Italic

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Fira Sans Font Free Download

If you are looking forward to using a free font in your next designed website or newly created design, then use Fira font and get access to all of its features and characteristics free of cost. Download the font in your system and make your design appealing.

Question Answers

What Type of Font Is Fira Sans?

Fira Sans is a sans-serif typeface that was designed by 2 designers named Erik Spiekermann and Ralph du Carrois. It was designed with only 4 weights, but later the number increased, and with time 16 weights were originated. It is the best font to be used in your projects.

Is Fira Sans a Free Font to Use?

Yes, it is a free font and is accessible everywhere. You can use the font in your work without buying the license. Download the font in your system, and here you go with all of its features and characters.

How Many Font-Weight Fira Sans Carries?

Fira Sans was designed with 4 weight family, but after a year, it expanded and reached 16 font-weight families. It is a large font-weight family that makes the font versatile.

Where Can Fira Sans Be Used?

The font can be used in numerous places. It gives a friendly and positive vibe, so use the font in your designs and projects. It captured everyone’s attention after being used by New Zealand’s Government.

Who Designed the Fira Sans Font?

Erik Spiekermann and Ralph du Carrois designed this font, and later it was released in 2013.

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