Foundry Font

The Foundry Font Kit is a script font that featuring the elegant touch by the designer taking over it. You can create amazing designs with this beautiful font.

It is stylized and thick with sharp angles. It’s on hand in usual and italic faces. This is similar to molluca script one can be used for futuristic design duties. It creates an amazing context with it.

This serif typeface is a high-quality example of classic typeface patterns coming into the sector of digital typography. It is a sans serif font family, established in the form of roman letters.

Design of Foundry Font

It’s sharp and is an “engraver” and for that reason, no slash instances are on hand on this loved ones. Foundry font is tremendously adaptable to a logo or in social messages or in an ebook cover design.

There are curls in each letterform in this typeface. Foundry typeface looks like batman regular researched for the youngsters, notably for storybooks. The letterforms of Sassoon are quite friendly. It looks like Wilton and emtype fonts.

However, it is much like sans serif. Apart from trademarks, this font can be used in commercials, comic magazines, posters, and headlines.

This is, without doubt, one of the mysterious typefaces that is similar to billabong font as nobody knows where this sort of font has originated from. This sans-serif typeface strikes a steadiness between basic geometry and contemporary proportions.

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