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German designer Paul Renner is responsible for the birth of Futura, a Sans-Serif typeface, in 1927. It was initially designed for a public housing project known as ‘New Frankfurt.’ Renner’s sketches lead to the emergence of the Futura Font. Some versions of Futura are referred to as Classic serif typefaces.

It comprises a profound X-height that decreases its stridency and enhances its propriety for the body text. If you are looking for a typeface that can be used as a heading, logo, or advertisement, Futura Font would be a great choice. It has a big font family and the most popular font in its family is Futura bold. Interestingly this font is used in daily routine.

Various notable companies and brands have enhanced the font’s importance by using it in their logos and designs. One of the primary reasons for using this font is, it increases readability. You can also try a wonderful futura md bt font which also has a pairing personality. A viewer can understand the context even from a distance. If you want to convert any simple design into the Futura Font logo, Futura Font Generator is used in such a regard.

Usage of Futura Font

It has been used in many notable places for different purposes since it is released. You might have noticed this font in various films and series because of its readability factor. Futura book font is a bold and cutting-edge typeface you must try. Furthermore, it is commonly used in Transport areas. Futura Font design is considered attractive and pre-eminent. Furthermore, it can be used for social media Bios.

In 1997 an American footballer team switched to this font on their jerseys. In 2012, an Australian Western Sydney football club used this font on their logo to raise its importance. Recently, this font grabbed everyone’s attention by being used in a few video games and movies.

Futura Font Family View

View of Futura Font

Futura Font View

Font Information

NameAmastery Font
Designer BlackCatsSVG
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFreeware, Non-Commercial
TypeOpentype, Truetype

License Information

Like every other typeface, Futura font can be commercially used after purchasing the license. Once you have the license, you can use it anywhere you want. However, for personal use, you can download it free of cost.

Futura Font Family (Includes 22 Typeface)

  1. Futura Light
  2. Futura Light Oblique
  3. Futura Book
  4. Futura Oblique
  5. Futura Medium
  6. Futura Medium Oblique
  7. Futura Heavy
  8. Futura Heavy Oblique
  9. Futura Bold
  10. Futura Bold Oblique
  11. Futura Extra Bold
  12. Futura Extra Bold Oblique
  13. Futura Black
  14. Futura Light Condensed
  15. Futura Light Condensed Oblique
  16. Futura Medium Condensed
  17. Futura Medium Condensed Oblique
  18. Futura Condensed
  19. Futura Bold Condensed Oblique
  20. Futura Extra Bold Condensed
  21. Futura Extra Bold Condensed Oblique
  22. Futura Display

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Futura Font Free Download

If you are looking forward to using this font for personal use, you can download it by clicking the button mentioned below. Within seconds the font will be downloaded.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Futura a Free Font?

It can be used free of cost for personal use. However, to use it commercially you need to purchase the license to use it legally.

What Font Is Closest to Futura Font?

A few fonts closest to Futura are Raleway, Harmonia Sans, Ano, FF Super Grotesk etc.

Is Futura a Web Safe Font?

Yes, Futura is a web-safe font that increases the readability factor. A viewer can read the context by a distance written in this font.

Who Created a Futura Typeface?

Futura Font was created by Paul Renner, a German typeface designer in 1927. After 3 years of release, this font became accessible to the public.

How Do I Download Futura Font to Word?

It requires a few simple steps for downloading. Visit the Control panel, press the option ‘Appearance and Personalization,’ and later go to the Font section. Drop and Drag the font to the window, and here you go with the Futura Font.

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