Game of Thrones Font

Game of Thrones is a TV series based on a novel that earned immense popularity worldwide after its release. The font used in the series is ‘Trajan Pro’ known as the classic letterforms. It is said that the letter used in the font was first incorporated with the brush, and later formed in the stones.

If you are looking for a font that goes best with headings or title or for advertisement, then Game of Throne Font name is a worth recommending because it can capture everyone’s attention. Furthermore, it goes well with posters, books, magazines etc.

Trajan Pro Font is a Serif Typeface that was created for Adobe by an American graphic designer, Carol Twombly in 1989. Carol has worked as a designer at Adobe system, and after retiring, she switched her interests in other designs, i.e. jewellery etc.

Usage of Game of Thrones Font

The font used in Game of Thrones can be used in different places for different purposes. This font is the best choice for adobe as it was specially made for this purpose. You can also have a look our Margaritaville Font belongs to a fancy typeface family and you can make amazing stuff with these two typefaces.

In case you are wondering where else you can use it, for headings and advertisements it would be a great choice. Other than that, you can apply this font for magazines, novels, billboards, books etc. However, the font is accessible only in Capital letters.

By using Game of Throne fonts, you can create different Font logos with Game of Throne Font Generator in case you don’t want to download the font.

Game of Thrones Font View

Font Information

NameGames of Throne Font
DesignerCharlie Samways
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFreeware, Non-Commercial
TypeOpentype, Truetype

License Information

You can download the font free of cost for your personal use. However, the adobe fonts need to be purchased for commercial use. You need a subscription to get your hands on the font.

If you want ‘Game of Throne’ logotype free of cost, enter ‘#’ and avail their services. Make sure not to use the free version for commercial use.

Game of Thrones Font Family (Includes 6 Typeface)

  1. Trajan Pro ExtraLight
  2. Trajan Pro Light
  3. Trajan Pro Regular
  4. Trajan Pro Semibold
  5. Trajan Pro Bold
  6. Trajan Pro Black

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Game of Throne Free Download

If you want to download The Game of Throne font for your personal use, click the button mentioned below. After a few seconds, the font will be downloaded in your chrome that you can use. However, to use it for another purpose, you need to purchase the license.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Font is Game of Thrones?

The font used in the Game of Throne is ‘Trajan Pro‘ that came into being in 1989 by an American designer Carol Twombly, especially for adobe. Since its release, it has gained immense popularity worldwide.

Is the Game of Throne Free?

You can download this font free of cost but only for your personal use. For commercial use, you need to purchase the license.

What Font is similar to Trajan Pro?

The font similar to Trajan Pro is ‘Merova.’ It is a classic Typeface that includes 5 weight and can be the best alternative to Trajan Pro.

How Do I get Game of Throne Font?

The text style is accessible in capital letters just, and in case you need Game of Throne logotype, type the “#” sign. You can download the text style.

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