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Introducing GE Inspira font, it is basically after the name of General Electric Company which is an American multinational conglomerate incorporated in New York, headquarter of this company in Boston. This typeface is specially designed in 2004 for GE Company through Agfa Monotype Corporation and GE Inspira is a trademark of the General Electric Company.

Inspira is based on the company’s mark due to its rounded curves and specific nature. It was designed to serve as a start line for new brands which is used in small texts and display screens. This font family is a sturdy, clean, and energetic rounded typeface that goes in brand new, dynamic directions without any hesitates and performs a complete process for a needy design. Golden Sans font is very close to this typeface.

This font family comes in a total of eights styles, extended features along with TrueType formats, and 3 weights including regular, bold, and italic. Every weight of this extraordinary typeface has a full set of characters that are uppercase, lowercase, number, and punctuation marks. You can free download this amazing sans serif right here from this website for your personal use.

Usage of Ge Inspira Font

Let’s talk about its usages, this clean rounded typeface is an elegant and complete design for modern designs and it performs fulfill every process with their advanced features. You can apply this everywhere and on every platform such as web designs, display projects, and printing projects. It is a complete font package for logo designs, posters, cards, publishing and promotion projects, templates, app developments, social media posts, presentations, and much more.

Due to its soft and attractive characters, it can give a wonderful look to your text designs. You can create interesting headlines and titles for your websites, posts, products, ads, magazines, and newspapers, etc. It is also a perfect typeface for official documentation, offices tasks, Youtube thumbnails as well as students can use it for their assignments and notes.

Ge Inspira Font Family View

Ge Inspira Font

Font Information

NameGe Inspira Font
DesignerAgfa Monotype Corporation
StyleSans Serif
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree For Personal Use

License Information

This typeface provides a free version that can be used without any license for your personal or private projects. Purchase the font license from Agfa Monotype Corporation if you want to use this font for commercial tasks.

Ge Inspira Font Family (Includes 3 Typeface)

  • Ge Inspira Regular
  • Ge Inspira Italic
  • Ge Inspira Bold

Similar Fonts to Ge Inspira Font (Related Fonts)

  • VAG Rounded Font
  • Futura Founded Font
  • Helvetica Round Font
  • Ubuntu Regular font
  • Reef Round font
  • Ubuntu titling font

Ge Inspira Font Free Download

We are offering a freeware version of this typeface that you can fully use in all your personal and non-commercial projects. If you need to use this typeface for commercial projects then go for its paid version.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What type of font is Ge Inspira?

This is a strong and modern typeface that comes with rounded curves and the specific nature of the GE company’s mark. It has 3 weights including regular, italic, and bold. The designer of this font is Agfa Monotype Corporation.

Is Ge Inspira font free for commercial use?

This font is the trademark of GE Company which means you must purchase the font license from a reliable source if you need to utilize this font commercially.

What is the closest font is Ge Inspira?

This font contains many similar fonts that you can find on the Internet but Reef Round font and Helvetica Rounded font are the closest fonts to this typeface.

How can we get Ge Inspira font on our PC?

It is an easy task to get this modern sans serif font on your PC. Go to the download option of this website and click on the download link that is mentioned thereafter in the download description and take advantage of this modern design.

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