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Georgia font is a serif typeface that came into existence by British designer Matthew Carter in the 1990s. The designer was known for creating different fonts. Out of the different fonts he produced, the two mainly used typefaces are Georgia and Verdana font. The Georgia font is the perfect choice to be used in small size texts to make them readable and elegant.

It has different traditional features that make this typeface elegant and flawless. It has different similar fonts that can be contemplated instead of Georgia font including Baskerville font and Crimson Semibold font. Furthermore, it comprises an online to with the name Georgia font Generator that allows you to produce different font Posters and Logos.

The tool is also used to eliminate the compatibility issue with the font and browser. Besides all this, it is entirely free to use without any font requirement.

Usage of Georgia Font

Like every other serif font, it also has a long list of platforms where it is used since it releases. For printing purposes, where the text is in small size, Georgia font is perfect for such a platform because of being a highly-legible font. It makes the small size text understandable.

Furthermore, it is highly used for books, Headings, text, Designs, websites, and many other places. It comprises different font weights concluding Bold, Italic, Regular, etc. TTF and OTF are the 2 common formats in which you can download this font.

Georgia Font View

Georgia Font View

Georgia Font View

Font Information

NameGeorgia Font
DesignerMatthew Carter
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseOnly for Personal Use
TypeFree Version

License Information

For personal work, the font is always accessible free of cost. If the font is downloaded in your system you can use it easily. However, to exceed the usage, you need to buy the license that is available on different reliable sites.

Georgia Font Family (Includes 4 Typeface)

  1. Georgia Regular
  2. Georgia Italic
  3. Georgia Bold
  4. Georgia Bold Italic

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Georgia Font Free Download

The font was not generated under the open-source license so you can’t make use of it on every level free of cost. However, for personal usage, it is always free.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Type of Font Is Georgia Font?

It is a serif typeface that is known for making small-size texts readable. It emerged in 1993 by a British designer Matthew Carter. The designer took inspiration from the 19th-century notable design Scotch Roman. Since it releases, various weights and versions have been produced with time.

Is Georgia Font Free for Commercial Use?

The font is free to use only for your personal projects. In order to use the font on the commercial and Trading level, you need to go for the license first. Once you have the license, the usage will be unlimited.

Who Designed Georgia Font?

It was designed by a British designer Matthew Carter who is already known for designing many effective and appealing typefaces.

Where Georgia Font Can Be Used?

There are different platforms where you can easily consider using this font including Texts, Books, Trading platforms, Headings, Websites, etc.

What Is Georgia Font Generator?

It is a free tool that is used online. It let you create different and eye-catchy Georgia font Logos and posters. Furthermore, it makes the downloaded Georgia font compatible with your browser.

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