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Microgramma font is a sans-serif typeface that was generated by Italian typeface designers. Aldo Novarese and Alessandro Butti got their hands on this font in 1952 after many years of hard work. This Sans-serif font was founded under different corporations, including Linotype and Nebiolo. Furthermore, it contains different weights and styles, including Bold Italic, Medium, Bold, etc.

It has been used on different notable National and international levels throughout these years. In the start, it was designed only with uppercase letters, but with time, Linotype and URW came with lowercase letters as well that increases its popularity.

Furthermore, you can create different Microgramma font logos and designs without downloading the font. It can be possible with Microgramma font Generator that is a tool accessible only without any charges. You can also get free similar fonts, including EF Microgramma font and Univers font.

Usage of Microgramma Font

In different movies and serials, this font remained a central point in all these years. A horror and fiction franchise, Alien, used this typeface in their numerous movies and series. In 2016, WWE also got their hands on this typeface. Furthermore, a few movies where this font remained a part of include A Space Odyssey, The Truman Show, and many more.

Many large and small organizations have applied this font in their logos for many years. You can also highlight this typeface in your paid and unpaid projects.

Microgramma Font View

Microgramma Font View

Microgramma Font View

Font Information

NameMicrogramma Font
DesignerAldo Novarese, Alessandro Butti
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseOnly Personal Use Allowed
TypeFree Version

License Information

You don’t need any license in order to use the font in your commercial projects. In the free version, you can get along with all the characters, glyphs, letters, etc.

Microgramma Font Family (Includes 3 Typeface)

  1. Microgramma D Medium Extended
  2. Microgramma D Bold Extended
  3. Microgramma Only Shadow D Bold Extended

Similar Fonts to Microgramma Font (Related Fonts)

  • Serpentine
  • Millennium
  • Basic Commercial
  • Trade Gothic
  • Eurostile
  • FF QType
  • EF Microgramma
  • Zurich

Microgramma Font Free Download

You can download this font free on your device from the provided link. Furthermore, With this link, you can get a complete approach to all the lower case and upper case letters and characters.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Type of Font Is Microgramma Font?

It is a highly used typeface that comes under Sans-serif classification. After the release, many versions of this typeface came into existence. Furthermore, the popularity of this typeface after its release is worth mentioning.

Is Microgramma Font Free to Use?

It is a free font for all your projects. You only need to download the font in order to apply to your paid and unpaid projects.

What Is Microgramma Font Generator?

It is a tool used by designers to create different Microgramma font designs. It is a perfect way to design this font without any license and downloading issues. Furthermore, this tool is helpful to abolish the compatibility issue if you ever face it.

Which Fonts Are Similar to The Microgramma Font?

You can get many fonts in this regard that will be best to get along in a single design. A few of them include EF Microgramma font and Serpentine Font.

Where Can You Use Microgramma Font?

You can clearly use this typeface on numerous platforms, including Logos, television series, Movies, Corporations, branding, packaging, etc.

Who Designed the Microgramma Font?

Italian designers Aldo Novarese and Alessandro Butti designed this typeface in the early 1950s.

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