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The Minion Pro Font, a serif typeface, was crafted by the renowned designer Robert Slimbach, famed for his high-quality creations. Later in 1990, Adobe Systems, a US-based software firm, launched this font. It falls under the Garalde old-type category.

It is a big extended family comprises a large set of weights with appropriate sizes that go best for different size of body texts. The font family includes Armenian, Condensed styles, Greek, and Cyrillic alphabets. You can also create many font Designs, Logos, and posters with Minion Pro Font Generator. This tool is free of cost.

The font is one of the highly-acknowledged serif typefaces used widely in Books. Furthermore, it has many similarities with Times New Roman font, so both are considered the best alternatives. The extended Minon font family comes with different versions, including Minion Cyrillic, Minion Std Black, Minion MM, Minon Pro, etc.

Usage of Minion Pro Font

The font received massive love because of being a clean and effective typeface. It has been featured in many books as well. The font comprises unique styles and features that make it one of the worth-using typefaces. You can use the font in different places for different reasons.

Make maximum use of it in your websites, designs, Projects, Logos, Titles, Posters, and many other places. You can also download the font in different formats, i.e., TTF and OTF.

Minion Pro Font View

Minion Pro Font View

Minion Pro Font View

Font Information

NameMinion Pro Font
StyleGaralde old style
DesignerRobert Slimbach
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree for Personal Use
TypeFree Version

License Information

The font license will allow you to use this extraordinary font anywhere you want. Purchase the license and make your commercial, Digital, and printing projects appealing with their distinctive and clear characters.

Minion Pro Font Family (Includes 65 Typeface)

  1. Minion Pro Regular
  2. Minion Pro Italic
  3. Minion Pro Medium
  4. Minion Pro Medium Italic
  5. Minion Pro Semibold
  6. Minion Pro Semibold Italic
  7. Minion Pro Bold
  8. Minion Pro Bold Italic
  9. Minion Pro Caption
  10. Minion Pro Italic Caption
  11. Minion Pro Medium Caption
  12. Minion Pro Medium Italic Caption
  13. Minion Pro Semibold Caption
  14. Minion Pro Semibold Italic Caption
  15. Minion Pro Bold Caption
  16. Minion Pro Bold Italic Caption
  17. Minion Pro Display
  18. Minion Pro Italic Display
  19. Minion Pro Medium Display
  20. Minion Pro Medium Italic Display
  21. Minion Pro Semibold Display
  22. Minion Pro Semibold Italic Display
  23. Minion Pro Bold Display
  24. Minion Pro Bold Italic Display
  25. Minion Pro Subhead
  26. Minion Pro Italic Subhead
  27. Minion Pro Medium Subhead
  28. Minion Pro Medium Italic Subhead
  29. Minion Pro Semibold Subhead
  30. Minion Pro Semibold Italic Subhead
  31. Minion Pro Bold Subhead
  32. Minion Pro Bold Italic Subhead
  33. Minion Std Black
  34. Minion Pro Cond
  35. Minion Pro Cond Italic
  36. Minion Pro Medium Cond
  37. Minion Pro Medium Cond Italic
  38. Minion Pro Semibold Cond
  39. Minion Pro Semibold Cond Italic
  40. Minion Pro Bold Cond
  41. Minion Pro Bold Cond Italic
  42. Minion Pro Cond Caption
  43. Minion Pro Cond Italic Caption
  44. Minion Pro Medium Cond Caption
  45. Minion Pro Medium Cond Italic Caption
  46. Minion Pro Semibold Cond Caption
  47. Minion Pro Semibold Cond Italic Caption
  48. Minion Pro Bold Cond Caption
  49. Minion Pro Bold Cond Italic Caption
  50. Minion Pro Cond Display
  51. Minion Pro Cond Italic Display
  52. Minion Pro Medium Cond Display
  53. Minion Pro Medium Cond Italic Display
  54. Minion Pro Semibold Cond Display
  55. Minion Pro Semibold Cond Italic Display
  56. Minion Pro Bold Cond Display
  57. Minion Pro Bold Cond Italic Display
  58. Minion Pro Cond Subhead
  59. Minion Pro Cond Italic Subhead
  60. Minion Pro Medium Cond Subhead
  61. Minion Pro Medium Cond Italic Subhead
  62. Minion Pro Semibold Cond Subhead
  63. Minion Pro Semibold Cond Italic Subhead
  64. Minion Pro Bold Cond Subhead
  65. Minion Pro Bold Cond Italic Subhead

Similar Fonts to Minion Pro Font (Related Fonts)

  • Times New Roman
  • Garamond
  • FF Celeste
  • Utopia
  • ITC Stone Serif
  • Alice
  • Lusitana

Minion Pro Font Free Download

The free version of the font is accessible to everyone. You can download the font from the provides link free of cost and later use it in your personal projects.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Type of Font Is Minion Pro Font?

It is a clear, effective serif typeface that was designed many years ago by Robert Slimbach and later released by Adobe system. The font is widely used in Books because of being a clear and neat font.

Is Minion Pro Font Free for Commercial Use?

It is free to be used in personal projects, but for commercial work, you need to go for the paid version that is attained after having a license. Once you have the licensing authority, you are free to use the font anywhere you want.

What Font Is Similar to Minion Pro?

The Alice in Wonderland Font is considered the best alternative that carries many similarities with Minion Pro. You will find many other such fonts tool that is similar to Minion Pro.

Is Minion Pro a Good Font?

It is one of the most popular serif typefaces that carries many special and appreciative features and characters. It is inevitable one of the worth using fonts in your designs and body texts.

Where Can Minion Pro Font Be Used?

You can use the font in many places, including Books, body text, Titles, Headings, Banners, Websites, Projects, Products, etc.

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