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The Mistral font is a script typeface that was created in 1953. This unique typeface was designed and completed swiftly by a French designer, Roger Excoffon. He introduced this extraordinary font under the auspices of the Fonderie Olive Foundry based in France. This informal typeface can be showcased to grab attention in numerous significant venues. Furthermore, it possesses numerous features and characteristics that share many resemblances with the Ink and brush typefaces.

You can also use one of the variations of this typeface, known as Staccato 222. The font also carries many ligatures that don’t have any digital publication. Mistral font also holds a few similar fonts that you can put on in any design, including patronia font and OPTIMistral-Graff font.

You can also produce different text-based Mistral font trademarks by using Mistral font Generator that is free and doesn’t contain any restrictions to use.

Usage of Mistral Font

It has a long history of being used in many prominent and highlighted situations and spots. It is an entirely non-identical typeface that has a sophisticated and sleek touch. In the 1990s, it was one of the highly used typefaces in every other design that increased its popularity and importance.

It was once used on the logo of the popular drama series Silk Stalkings that gave this font a huge boost. You can easily think about using this typeface in websites, cards, designs, projects, layouts, etc.

Mistral Font View

Mistral Font View

Font Information

NameMistral Font
StyleCasual script
DesignerRoger Excoffon
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseOnly for Personal Use
TypeFree Version

License Information

You can obtain this typeface without any restrictions. Moreover, you can use this font easily in your commercial-level projects.

Similar Fonts to Mistral Font (Related Fonts)

  • ArTarumianAnpuit
  • ArTarumianGrig
  • OPTI Mistral
  • WaifSSK
  • Mozer Font
  • Mariah Regular
  • ZephyrScriptFLF
  • VNI-Thufap1
  • Benja

Mistral Font Free Download

The font is completely free for everyone. You can get a thorough approach to all the characters and weights of this font free of cost after installing the font in your system. You can make the downloading process simple and straightforward by downloading the font with the link attached to this guide.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Type of Font Is Mistral Font?

Roger Excoffon designed this script typeface in 1953. Furthermore, you can use this font in many projects. The font enjoyed huge appreciation and was acknowledged in the 1990s. You can consider using this greatest typeface for Logos and designs.

Is Mistral Font Free for Commercial Work?

You can use the font free without any cutback. Furthermore, you can easily apply this font to your paid and non-paid projects.

Who Designed Mistral Font?

Roger Excoffon, a French typeface designer, made the font public in the 1950s. Since then, the font became everyone’s foremost choice.

Where Can You Use Mistral Font?

You can apply this font to websites, Logos, advertisements, ads, banners, layouts, packaging, and many other places.

Which Font Makes the Best Pairing with Mistral Font?

There are many fonts that go best with Mistral font, among which a few comprises Canvas font and Mariah Regular font.

What Is Mistral Font Generator?

It is an online tool that you can use to create many beautiful shapes of Mistral font. The tool is free to use without any requirement. Furthermore, it has many other functionalities too.

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