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Palatino Font is a Serif typeface created by German typeface designer, Hermann Zapf in 1949. He was known for designing many notable fonts and did considerable work in graphic designing. The font was founded by a German Foundry, Stempel Type Foundry.

It is a humanist typeface which reflects the letters framed by an expansive nib pen. It comprises two variations including Palatino Nova, Platino Nivotype, Digitisations, Platino Arabic and Palatino Sans. The font has gained immense popularity after being used in body texts. It also won the Best Typeface award in 2007 and 2008.

It carries a few free versions among which 1 is URW Palladio L You can download Platino Font in TTF format.

Usage of Palatino Font

Platino font is known for having increased readability factor; hence it has been used in many places since its releases. Mainly it is seen for body texts and has an extended font family. After being used in many texts, it released multiple versions.

It is a profoundly practical typeface that can be utilized in any setting, for any reason. It’s broadly utilized as a corporate typeface, for publicizing features and text and for any other purpose. In short, it is a versatile typeface sued for different purposes.

It increases readability factor. The best pairing of Platino font includes Slab serif font, Hype typeface font, Arial font etc. In case you want to create different Platino font logos, you can take help from Platino font generator.

Palatino Font Family View

Palatino Font View

Palatino Font View

Font Information

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License Information

This font is free for your personal work. However, if you want to benefit from this font buy the license and make maximum use. You can purchase a license at a limited cost.

Palatino Font Family (Includes 10 Typeface)

  1. Palatino Light
  2. Palatino Light Italic
  3. Palatino Roman
  4. Palatino Italic
  5. Palatino Medium
  6. Palatino Medium Italic
  7. Palatino Bold
  8. Palatino Bold Italic
  9. Palatino Black
  10. Palatino Black Italic

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Palatino Font Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is Platino Font Used For?

Platino font can be used for different purposes. However, it goes well with body texts, headlines, titles, advertising headlines, etc. Furthermore, the font can be used for display purposes, i.e. movies and series titles. It can also fit with the meaningful Itaki Font.

Is Platino the Right Font?

Platino has earned enormous acknowledgment after being used in many body texts. It increases the readability score and makes the design worth appreciating. It is a versatile typeface used in many places and goes well with many fonts.

Is Platino a System Font?

The font is accessible on Macintosh and Unix PCs and is a center PostScript textual style. It is accessible on Windows PCs under substitute text style names. Palatino was initially planned as a textual display style.

Can I Download Platino Font?

You can download the Platino font family free of cost from the given link. It can be downloaded in TTF and OTF format.

Which Font Makes the Best Pairing with Platino?

The Platino font goes best with Villa Feltrinelli, Jamie Smyth, Libre Baskerville etc.

Who Is the Designer of Platino Font?

Hermann Zapf designed this font in 1949; the font was released by a German foundry Stempel Type Foundry.

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