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The Papyrus Font is a fanciful typography crafted by artist Chris Costello, who designed it in 1982. This typeface, which took six months to create with the aid of a calligraphy pen, is made up of several striking and distinctive characters. These include features such as unusual curves, high horizontal strokes, and jagged edges.

At the age of 23, the designer created this font and earned massive acclaim. After reading Bible for many years, he got the idea to design a handwritten font. A tool Papyrus Font Generator is used to design Papyrus font designs and Logos free of cost. Furthermore, you can download the font in different formats, i.e., SVG, TTF, etc.

It comes with different alternatives that you can also use in a design, among which Donatello font and Mozer Font are top-listed.

Usage of Papyrus Font

It has been used in many Logos and Microsoft programs for many years. A Canadian film director, James Cameron, used this font in the subtitle of his movie Avatar. Later the font was highlighted in another American show Saturday Night Live. After being used in notable places, it’s worth enhanced, and it started highlighted everywhere.

In 2015, it was featured in the video game Undertale. Hence, this font is a perfect choice for different platforms. You can use it in your websites, Logos, Subtitles, Youtube content and thumbnail, Headings, Advertisements, etc. The font is described as an uncommon Romon font.

Papyrus Font View


Font Information

NamePapyrus Font
DesignerChris Costello
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseAllowed only For Personal Use
TypeFree Version

License Information

The font comes up with a license restriction, so in order to use the font for commercial use, purchase the license and start using it for every big and small level project.

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Papyrus Font Free Download

The font is accessible to everyone. In order to use it for personal work and projects, you can download it from the link given below. After downloading the font, make your personal and non-profit projects extraordinary.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Type of Font Is Papyrus?

It is a calligraphy and fantasy typeface that comprises numerous distinctive characters being used on multiple platforms for different purposes. It contains different versions and styles, including Bold, Italic, Regular, etc.

Is Papyrus Font Free for Commercial Use?

The font has 2 versions, including free and paid. The free version is for personal work, while the paid version is for commercial use. In order to use the font everywhere, you need to buy the license.

Is the Avatar Font Papyrus?

In 2009, the Avatar movie released that grabbed everyone’s attention. The font used on the logo of that popular series was Papyrus.

How Can I Get Papyrus Font in My System?

You can download the font from the above-mentioned link in your system free of cost if you want a font for your personal projects. Apart from that, purchase a license that is accessible everywhere.

Is Papyrus Font Worth Using?

The font was designed with a calligraphy pen, so it is worth using the font in your projects where you want to convey hand-crafted vibes.

What Is Papyrus Font Generator?

It is an online tool that lets you create different font designs and Logos free of cost.

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