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Pokemon Font is mainly known for being applied in a notable video game, Pokemon many years ago. The game is acknowledged worldwide, and so is the font used on its logo. The game was released in Japan in 1996. Because of extreme acknowledgement, the game was merchandised in trading cards, manga, books, toys etc.

The logo of this game is a custom design that is a fan-made and is highly used everywhere. It provides a different and appealing touch to the design. You can find this font in 2 different styles, including Pokemon Hollow and Pokemon Solid.

Furthermore, you can use Pokemon Font Generator if you want to create different font logos and posters. You can also get your hands on one of the best alternatives to this font, i.e. Supreme Font.

Usage of Pokemon Font

The font is widely used since the emergence of the game Pokemon. You can make it prominent in many places and for different purposes. You can easily get your hands on any of the font’s version. The font can be applied in websites, designs, Logos, Posters, Headings, Printing work, Digital work and other places.

Furthermore, you can use the font to give a clean and modern touch to the design. Make your design appealing with this font that is surely the right choice in many places.

Pokemon Font Family View

View Of Pokemon Font

Pokemon Font View

Font Information

NameEtna Font
DesignerMark Simonson
FoundryMark Simonson Studio
LicenseFree For Personal and Commercial
File FormatOTF, TTF

License Information

The font is not bound to license restrictions. You can use this amazing and appealing font in every type of project, i.e. commercial, personal, Digital and trading. However, to sell the font legally, you need to buy the paid version of this font.

Pokemon Font Family (Includes 2 Typeface)

  • Pokemon Hollow
  • Pokemon Solid

Similar Fonts to Pokemon Font (Related Fonts)

  • Toy Story
  • Supreme
  • Pocket Monk
  • Miltonian
  • Super Mario Bros
  • Naruto
  • Belligan

Pokemon Font Free Download

The font is created via a free license so you can use the font extensively in your designs and projects. Download the font from the given below link and get it installed in the system.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Type of Font Is Pokemon?

The font is used on one of the notable video games Pokemon after which it became everyone’s favourite. It is a fan-made font that carries neat and clear characters.

Is Pokemon Font Free for Commercial Use?

The font is free for commercial and personal use and can be applied anywhere for different purposes. However, you need a license in order to sell the fonts.

Who Created the Pokemon Font?

The font used on the logo of this video game is fan-made. It comprises 2 different styles, including Pokemon Hollow and Pokemon Solid.

Is the Pokemon Font Safe for Online Use?

The font is entirely safe to be used in every type of project. You can use the font on every level free of cost without any licensing issue.

How to Get the Font in Your System?

The link is mentioned in the guide from where you can install the fonts in the system. With a simple process, you can install the font.

Where Can the Pokemon Font Be Used?

You can use the font in many noted places including Headings, websites, Titles, Logos, Banners, Advertisements, Digital and Printing work etc.

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