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In this post, we are going to introduce you to a new and modern style of texture, that is known as Roboto  Condensed font. This is a typeface, which is a member of the sans serif typeface. That is a geometric typeface. That is a dual nature typeface, and at the same time, it is open curves and features friendly. It had designed by one of the popular and well-reputed font designers, who is known as Christian Robertson.

This amazing style of texture allows any letter to settle in its natural width. That makes it easier for the user to read this typeface continuously and from a distance as well. This had released with six styles of weight that fulfills all your requirements. The blogger sans font is the matching font to this typeface.

This is one of the Google typefaces, That provides a free online tool, which is known as a generator tool. This tool is special for using to convert your letterform into Roboto Condensed font. This tool works for free and does not require a zip file of this font to download.

Usage of Roboto Condensed Font

You can use this unique style of typeface for print and digital projects. This is a geometric and dual nature the simple font, that is perfect for heading, titles, articles, books, stories, and novels. This is one of the attractive fonts, that attracts users easily to read this simple style of texture.

You can use Roboto Condensed font for an amazing style of projects. This is an amazing typeface for ads in newspapers or magazine ads. This font is very beautiful for document writing and other related works.

Roboto Condensed Font Family View

Roboto Condensed Font

Font Information

NameRoboto Condensed Font
StyleSans Serif
DesignerChristian Robertson
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree for Personal and Commercial
TypeOpentype, Truetype

License Information

This is a Google texture, that allows you to use this typeface in any of your projects including an online platform. Because there is no restriction on using this font.

Roboto Condensed Font Family (Includes 6 Typefaces)

  • Roboto Condensed Light 300
  • Roboto Condensed Light 300 Italic
  • Roboto Condensed Regular 400
  • Roboto Condensed Regular 400 Italic
  • Roboto Condensed Bold 700
  • Roboto Condensed Bold 700 Italic

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Roboto Condensed Font Free Download

To download this unique and new style of texture, click on the Download Now button below and you’ll get this interesting font for free of cost.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Roboto Condensed?

Roboto Condensed font is a google typeface, which is a member of the sans serif typeface. That is a geometric typeface.

What typeface family is Roboto condensed?

This typeface is a family member of the sans serif typeface, Which is a geometric typeface. That is a dual nature-nature of texture.

What texture goes with Roboto Condensed?

There are so many textures that get a match this unique typeface, but the most similar and pairing texture to this is the antic font.

Is Roboto Condensed a free?

Yes, this is a Google font, that is available for free to download for all types of users, you can use this font for personal use or for commercial use it is free.

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