Star Wars Font

The Star Wars Font, extensively used and inspired by the renowned space movie ‘Star War’, has captured the interest of many. The film was a significant blockbuster, and the font employed for the logo created quite a stir. Boba Fonts originated the Starjedi font which is featured prominently on this space film’s logo.

You can get access to the font free of cost by downloading it to your system. However, if you are not in the mood of installing or downloading, another way to get access is Star War Font generator. Yes, it makes things simple for you by designing easy text logos by using this Generator.

Usage of Star Wars Font

As it is inspired by the movie Logo so it would be a great choice for a movie and Tv title. Mostly people love to use it with the famous Fortnite font. You can also use this font on Logos, Headlines, Media prints, etc., for its clear readability factor. When it comes to choosing a font for the Logo design, everyone prefers to get their hands on a font that instantly captures public attention, and they find it easy to read and understand what’s written there.

Star War Font would be the best option in this regard. Various notable websites have already used this font in one way or another. Hence, if you are also looking for any font for the logo or any other purpose, here is the perfect option for you.

Star Wars Font Family View

Star Wars Font View

Star Wars Font View

Font Information

NameStar Wars Font
DesignerDavide Canavero
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFreeware, Non-Commercial
TypeOpentype, Truetype

License Information

Interestingly the font can be used free of cost without any restrictions. If you were looking for a font for your personal use free of cost, your wait is over. Here comes a free font without any limitations.

Star Wars Font Family (Includes 14 Typeface)

  1. News Gothic BT Std Light
  2. News Gothic BT Std Light Italic
  3. News Gothic BT Std Roman
  4. News Gothic BT Std Italic
  5. News Gothic BT Std Demi
  6. News Gothic BT Std Demi Italic
  7. News Gothic BT Std Bold
  8. News Gothic BT Std Bold Italic
  9. News Gothic BT Std Condensed
  10. News Gothic BT Std Condensed Italic
  11. News Gothic BT Std Condensed Bold
  12. News Gothic BT Std Condensed Bold Italic
  13. News Gothic BT Std Extra Condensed
  14. News Gothic BT Std Extra Condensed Bold

Similar Fonts to Star Wars Font (Related Fonts)

  • Star Jedi Logo Monoline
  • Star Wars Embroidery
  • StarWars Kit
  • Episode One
  • Jabba the Font
  • Soloist
  • SF Distant Galaxy Symbols

Star Wars Font Free Download

Looking for ways to download this font free of cost? I have a solution for you. From the below-mentioned link, the font will be downloaded into your system in a single go.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Font Does Star Wars Use?

The font used in a popular space movie is News Gothic that were very similar to Franklin gothic. This font has been used many times in different movies and has everyone took everyone’s attention.

Is the Star Wars Font Copyrighted?

Yes, it might be copyrighted, and you can’t revive this font as it will be instantly recognizable.

What Is Star War Font Generator?

Star War Generator is a useful tool that lets you create simple and straightforward Star war logos without any issue in case you don’t want to download or install this font.

How Can I Download This Font to My System?

It requires a simple step to get your hands on this font. From the link mentioned above, you can download this font in your system and later use it for your personal work.

Is Star War Font Free to Use?

Yes, this font is free for your personal use.

Where Can This Font Be Used?

This font goes best for intro, title, alphabets, etc. You can also use this font on Company Logos for instant attention.

What Is the Star Wars Font Called on Google Docs?

It is called font ITC Serif Gothic.

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