Swiss 721 Bt Font Free Download

We are right here with another gorgeous sans-serif typeface that is known as Swiss 721 Bt font. This ultra-modern sans-serif typeface was designed by a great graphic designer Max Miedinger and he designed it in 1982. This font is very suitable for clarity to the texts and can bring a very high-quality touch when using this typeface with the pairing of Avenir Next font.

This font family contains 14 fantastic styles and has 6 basic weights including Italic, Bold, Extra Bold, Heavy, Light, and Roman. This font is also known for roman that is well-known for its condensed black typeface. This font family has different using stages, it is from thin to black in any fashion design, while it is working as blending in many other designs.

This font’s styles have been influenced by the essence of the mid-twentieth centuries sans-serif typefaces. We are providing you a free version of this typeface that can perfectly use in your personal projects.

Usage of Swiss 721 Bt Font

This font is the most considerable font for clear designs as well as content and screens. due to its clear characters, the font is very suitable for any type of design tasks like logo designs, murals, Posters, Presentations, Book covers, Brochures (print and digital), Product packaging, Tutorial videos, Business and Invitation cards, Theme design, Homeware designs, Public transportation navigation, Application designing, Webpages and many more.

You can also utilize this amazing typeface for any text design project such as content, articles, post descriptions, headlines, titles, product titlings, newspapers headings, printing projects, invoices, quotes, and even documentation purposes.

Swiss 721 Bt Font Family View

Swiss 721 Bt Font

Font Information

NameSwiss 721 Bt Font
DesignerMax Miedinger
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree For Personal Use

License Information

This is a completely free typeface that can be perfectly utilized in all your personal graphic design projects. You don’t need any registration, signups, or license when using it in private projects. However, you will have to buy its license when using it for commercial use.

Swiss 721 Bt Font Family (Includes 14 Typeface)

  • Swis721 BT
  • Swis721 BT Italic
  • Swis721 Cn BT
  • Swis721 Cn BT Bold Italic
  • Swis721 Cn BT Italic
  • Swis721 Cn BT Roman
  • Swis721 Ex BT
  • Swis721 Hv BT
  • Swis721 LtCn BT
  • Swis721 LtEx BT
  • Swis721 Lt BT
  • Swis721 Lt BT Light Italic
  • Swis721 Md BT
  • Swis721 Th BT

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Swiss 721 Bt Font Free Download

Here you can free download this font from this website that is perfect for any private and personal projects. You need to click on the giving below download link. For commercial uses, you must purchase its license from any reliable source.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What type of font is Swiss 721 Bt?

This is belonging to the sans-serif typeface that was inspired by the 20th-century geometric typefaces. The designer of this gorgeous font is Max Miedinger.

Is Swiss 721 BT is a free font?

Yes, this is a completely free font for all your private projects. Besides, if you want to utilize it for official uses then you must take permission from the font designer.

What fonts well goes with the Swiss 721 BT font?

This sans-serif typeface can go best with some other sans-serif typeface like Avenir Next Font and Helvetica Font. You can bring a unique touch to your designs when using these combinations.

How can I get Swiss 721 Bt on my PC?

Go to the download section of our website and press the download now button. You will get the font on your PC in a second. One thing important about the font usages, it is only for personal uses.

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