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Trebuchet Font is a sans-serif font that was composed for Microsoft. Vincent Connare, an American designer, got his hands on this font and issued it in 1996. It has many stimulating features and traits that make this typeface constructive and worthy. For different window titles, the font made an outspread display for many years. It was given a good response after being used in various web pages.

For commercial use, Microsoft came with another version of this typeface that had a lot more to offer. The additional version has more weights, styles, and characters. Currently, the font has a wide range of weight sets, including black Italic. The new weights of this font were begun by another American designer Steve Matteson.

Furthermore, you can give shape to many beautiful Trebuchet Font logos with a specially used tool for this cause. The tool is known as Trebuchet Font Generator. You can also review the designs before saving. This beautifully designed typeface has low Capital A while the letter l has a curved shape. If you are in search of different font alternatives, it would be great to pick Droid Sans font and Source Sans font

Usage of Trebuchet Font

Microsoft produced this font many years ago, so it became a default font for their different applications. The font has been dawned with Microsoft word, internet explorer, IOS, Mac etc. Let’s point out where this font made a solid port.

The font has been examined on different products comprising food items. Perogies pasta highlighted this font on their wrapper that indeed took the consideration of users. In 2014 one of the noted printing companies have featured this font that received a huge response, and what can be better than this. The font was used along with some other sans-serif fonts.

The entertainment industry also didn’t stay behind using this font. Dogville movie had this font on its title, and people couldn’t stop adoring its beautiful characters. Furthermore, It has an endless list of platforms that prefer this typeface. 

Trebuchet Font View

Trebuchet Font View

Trebuchet Font View

Font Information

NameTrebuchet Font
StyleHumanist Sans-Serif
DesignerVincent Connare
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree for Both Commercial and Personal Use
TypeFree Version

License Information

You don’t need to obtain any license to get the font’s access. Download the font and go with the flow. Make valuable use of this font in your projects, be it paid or unpaid.

Trebuchet Font Family (Includes 4 Typeface)

  1. Trebuchet MS
  2. Trebuchet MS Bold
  3. Trebuchet MS Bold Italic
  4. Trebuchet MS Italic

Similar Fonts to Trebuchet Font (Related Fonts)

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Trebuchet Font Free Download

The free downloading facility is also available as Microsoft doesn’t have applied any conditions in terms of use. You have complete authority to get the font in your systems without obligations. It is one of the many reasons for the font’s popularity.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Trebuchet a Good Font?

You can make a great choice by choosing Trebuchet Font for your large texts and other platforms. It is surely a great font to practice in your projects.

What Font Is Similar to Trebuchet?

Open Sans and Source Sans are the absolute choices that you can think about.

Is Trebuchet Free to Use?

You can avail all the characters of this typeface without any authority issue as Microsft didn’t apply any obligation on its use. Either you are looking forward to using it for a commercial job or personal work, it is free in every way.

Is Trebuchet a Good Font?

Trebuchet has remained a primary font for many Microsoft applications so you should not have any doubts. Furthermore, it doesn’t have any readability issues so you can go along with it.

How Trebuckhet Font Was Originated?

In 2011, the designer stated that the inspiration for making this typeface received from Highway Gothic font that is also a sans-serif typeface designed by the US Transportation Department. Hew wanted to come with a font that has a good screen appearance.

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