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Weidemann font is a high-quality sans serif typeface that was designed by the great graphic designer Kurt Weidemann. This font family contains 31 styles and is having maximum weights including regular, bold, italic, medium, etc. The bold weight of this family is highly considered for creating stunning headlines and titling for websites, posts, magazines, or Newspapers.

Its one weight is filled with extended features along with 90 high-quality glyphs and provides more than 200 hundred interesting characters including uppercase, lowercase, basic numerals, punctuation marks, Latin extended-A, Symbols, updated icons, and plenty of special characters. This typeface can be also specified within the CSS family.

In addition, it has immense language supports including French, Cyrillic, and Latin alphabets. The most similar fonts are Baskerville Font and Adobe Arabic font that shares many features and styles. You can free download this font for whole your private and personal projects. Otherwise, contact its designer.

Usage of Weidemann Font

You can apply this typeface for any type of design and text design and we are sure that the use of this font’s features will bring an astonishing look to your designs. You can create amazing headlines and titles for your product, websites, newspaper, and magazines. It is perfect for official documentation purposes as well as product titling, store/hotel names, quotes, menus, and so on.

Becasue of its clean and soft characters, it is going to be perfect for creating interesting designs such as business or invitation cards, logotypes, book covers, social media posts, advertising, and publishing, editorials, Presentations, video games, app designs, website templates, branding projects, product packaging, printing projects and so on.

Weidemann Font Family View

Weidemann Font

Font Information

NameWeidemann Font
DesignerKurt Weidemann
StyleSans Serif
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree For Personal Use

License Information

This font has a license that allows you free for all your personal and commercial projects. In the case of any commercial or official project, you will have to purchase its paid license.

Weidemann Font Family (Includes 31 Typeface)

  • WeidemannBQ-Black
  • Weidemann-Black
  • WeidemannEF-Black
  • WeidemannBQ-BlackItalic
  • WeidemannStd-BlackItalic
  • Weidemann Bold Italic
  • Weidemann-Bold
  • WeidemannBQ-Bold
  • WeidemannEF-Bold
  • WeidemannStd-Bold
  • WeidemannBQ-BoldItalic
  • Weidemann-Book
  • WeidemannStd-Book
  • WeidemannBQ-BookItalic
  • WeidemannEF-BookItalic
  • Weidemann Italic
  • Weidemann-Medium
  • WeidemannBQ-Medium
  • WeidemannEF-Medium
  • WeidemannStd-Medium
  • WeidemannBQ-MediumItalic
  • WeidemannEF-MediumItalic
  • WeidemannStd-MediumItalic
  • Weidemann Regular
  • Weidemann_Bold
  • Weidemann_Bold_BT
  • Weidemann_Bold_Italic
  • Weidemann_Italic
  • Weidemann_Regular
  • WeidemannBoldItalic
  • WeidemannBookItalic

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Weidemann Font Free Download

In order to download the font, click the download button mentioned below. This amazing font will be downloaded within seconds that you can use for personal use. If you want to use this font for commercial use then purchase its license.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What type of font is Weidemann?

This is a modern and clean sans serif typeface, created by Kurt Weidemann. It comes in huge 32 styles and weights including regular, bold, italic, medium, and many more.

What is the closest font to the Weidemann font?

It has plenty of more similar fonts that you can easily get on the Internet but Baskerville Font is the closest font to this typeface.

Can I use Weidemann font for my logo design?

This provides good legibility to displays and even a flexible typeface on screens. So, you can make pretty logo designs for your brands, websites, and companies.

How can we get Weidemann font on our PC?

If you want to utilize this font for your precious designs then go to the download section of our website and click on the below download button that is mentioned after the download descriptions.

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