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Century Schoolbook Font is a serif typeface that was designed by an American typeface designer, Morris Fuller, in 1918 and later founded by American type foundry and is commissioned by Ginn and Company. It was developed on the special request of Ginn and Company, who wanted to have a font that is easy to read and perceive.

After it releases, it captured huge attention and has been highlighted in numerous places. It is an attractive font that makes you hook to the content because of being a legible typeface. You can also get access to Century Schoolbook font Generator free of cost that helps you to create many text-based font posters.

Furthermore, Playfair Display SC Black proves to be the best alternative to this font, so you can also get your hands on this font.

Usage of Century Schoolbook Font

The font comprises many attractive and appealing characteristics due to which it is extensively used across the globe. It is a proportional font that might not be appropriate for business websites because a few people might call it a boring font.

However, you can use the font in your other websites where you want the text to be prominent as it increases readability. Furthermore, it gives a pleasant vibe so that it would be the right choice for many places.

Century Schoolbook Font Family View

View Of Century Schoolbook Font

Century Schoolbook Font View

Font Information

NameCentury Schoolbook Font
DesignerMorris Fuller Benton
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree For Personal Use
TypeOpentype, Truetype

License Information

The font license needs to be purchased before making its extended use. It is free only for your personal work, and for professional work, you need to get your hands on its license that is available at a limited price.

Century Schoolbook Font Family (Includes 6 Typeface)

  1. Century Schoolbook Std Bold Condensed
  2. Century Schoolbook Std Monospaced
  3. Century Schoolbook Std Roman
  4. Century Schoolbook Std Italic
  5. Century Schoolbook Std Bold
  6. Century Schoolbook Std Bold Italic

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Century Schoolbook Font Free Download

The font is entirely free for your non-profit, educational, and personal use. The link mentioned below will allow you to get it downloaded within seconds in your system. You can use it as per the requirement in your projects.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Type of Font Is Century Schoolbook?

Century Schoolbook is a serif typeface that originated many years ago for making the content readable. This feature earned it massive importance, and despite many years of its release, it is still widely used across the globe.

Is Century Schoolbook Font Free for Commercial Level?

For using this font on a commercial and Digital level, its license is available that you need to buy. Once you have the authority, you can enjoy its every feature and character.

Is Century Schoolbook a Good Font?

It is a highly understandable and readable font, so you won’t ever go wrong with using this font in your work. It is a professional font appropriate for every type of genre.

Who Designed Century Schoolbook Font?

Morris Fuller, an American typeface designer, designed this font that was later released by an American foundry on special demand of Ginn and Company many years ago.

What Font Does the Supreme Court Use?

The Supreme Court uses Century Schoolbook font for different purposes.

Which Font Makes the Best Pairing with Century Schoolbook Font?

Though you will get a complete list of fonts yet the most appropriate is Playfair Display.

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