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Playfair Display Font is a serif typeface designed by an Amsterdam designer, Claus Eggers Sørensen and released in 2011. Many years since its release it has been modified with further improvements. The designer is known for creating many well-known designs and fonts. The font is free to use in different projects on every extent.

It is an extended family that has a sibling font ‘Playfair Display SC.’ This font’s main family incorporates a complete range of common ligatures, small caps, and discretionary ligatures. You can use this font in many notable places. A font similar to Playfair includes Abril Fatface font.

Furthermore, you can use the Playfair Display font Generator in order to create and generate different eye-catchy font design Logos free of cost. After the font’s release, many font weights originated.

Usage of Playfair Display Font

This extended family of fonts can be used in many designing projects. This font would be a great choice to be used in the headings instead of body texts. Apart from it, you can make use of it in many other places. You can also use this font in Titles, Logos and banners.

Display fonts regularly have more unpredictable and variable designs than the basic, moderately controlled typefaces by and large utilized for body text. Hence instead of using this font in body texts, it is better to employ it in headings.

Playfair Display Font Family View

Playfair Display Font View

Playfair Display Font View

Font Information

NamePlayfair Display Font
DesignerClaus Eggers Sørensen
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFreeware, Non-Commercial
TypeOpentype, Truetype

License Information

You can use Playfair font both on a commercial and personal level in any designing project without purchasing the license. However, you can’t sell the font without legal permission.

Playfair Display Font Family (Includes 6 Typeface)

  1. Playfair Display Regular
  2. Playfair Display Italic
  3. Playfair Display Bold
  4. Playfair Display Bold Italic
  5. Playfair Display Black
  6. Playfair Display Black Italic

Similar Fonts to Playfair Display Font (Related Fonts)

  • PlayfairDisplay-Italic
  • Playfair Display SC Itali
  • Bulgarian Garamond Italic
  • CMU Classical Serif Itali
  • Serif-Italic
  • CMU Serif Italic

Playfair Display Font Free Download

The factor that makes this font worth utilizing is its ability to be used free of cost on every level. You can use this font free of cost by clicking the below-mentioned link. It will be downloaded in the system within no time.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Are Display Fonts Best For?

If you are looking forward to using a font for headings, Titles, Logos, this font would be a perfect choice. However, restrain yourself for using this font in the body text as it wouldn’t be a great choice.

Is Playfair Display Font Free to Use?

You are free to use this font free of cost anywhere you want on every level. It is a license-free font and is accessible in different languages. However, you can’t sell the fonts without purchasing the license.

Who Designed the Playfair Display Font?

Claus Eggers Sørensen designed this font and released in 2011 to be used free of cost. It is accessible to everyone and on every level.

Which Fonts Are Similar to Playfair Display Font?

The fonts similar to this font includes Bulgarian Garamond Italic, CMU Serif Italic, CMU Classical Serif Itali, OPTICenturyExpandedTwo-It, and many others.

What Font Goes with Playfair Display?

The fonts that go best with this font includes Futura Font, Georgia font, Lato font, Open Sans font, Montserrat Font, Circular font and a few others.

What Type of Font Is Playfair Display?

It is a Serif typeface that is used in places where you need to give a modern touch to design.

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