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Lato Font is a sans-serif typeface created by Warsaw-based designer Łukasz Dziedzic in 2010. It was made available in December 2010 by the Lato family, with backing from Google. The name Lato translates to ‘Summer,’ reflecting its summer origin.

The font was designed for large clients, but in the past 10 years, it has been used in many places for small and large clients. The reason behind designing this font was to create a font that appears transparent when used in the text body, but it would show some original characteristics when used in large texts.

The font doesn’t lead to any latest trend, but it provides a feeling of comfort and affability. You can download Lato font in OTF and TTF format. Furthermore, Nunito Sans font is considered the most similar to Lato font and would be the best alternative.

Usage of Lato Font

The font originated in 2010, and it was updated in 2014 with additional weights and characteristics. Though it was designed for large clients and big websites, it can be used by every client and every level of the website. You can use the font for website Logos, text bodies, Headlines, Posters, etc.

You can preview the font with a Lato font Generator free of cost and design numerous eye-catchy text-based Logos. In short, it is a perfect choice for numerous cases.

Lato Font Family View

Lato Font

Lato Font View

Font Information

NameLato Font
DesignerŁukasz Dziedzic
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree For Personal Use
TypeOpentype, Truetype

License Information

The font family is the best recommendation for all your projects. It is free from any license restrictions. Download the font and use it in your designing projects, Printing, Media, etc.

Lato Font Family (Includes 18 Typeface)

  1. Lato Hairline
  2. Lato Hairline Italic
  3. Lato Thin
  4. Lato Thin Italic
  5. Lato Light
  6. Lato Light Italic
  7. Lato Regular
  8. Lato Italic
  9. Lato Medium
  10. Lato Medium Italic
  11. Lato Semibold
  12. Lato Semibold Italic
  13. Lato Bold
  14. Lato Bold Italic
  15. Lato Heavy
  16. Lato Heavy Italic
  17. Lato Black
  18. Lato Black Italic

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Lato Font Free Download

Above all, another main reason for using this font is; it was designed via an open-source license. You can use this font in your different projects without any limitations. Download the font and get it installed on your Mac and windows.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Lato a Good typeface?

It is a sans-serif font that was designed for corporate use. It carries various unique characteristics, especially in large size texts. Hence, it is a perfect font to be used in your design projects on every level.

Is Lato a Free Font?

Lato is designed to be used free of cost without any licensing authority. You can apply the font in every small and large project free of cost simply by downloading it to your system. If you have the license, you can sell the fonts too. You can free download it for windows and Mac.

What typeface Is Closest to Lato?

There is a long list of fonts that are close to typeface. However, the best alternative is Nunito Sans and Roboto.

Who Designed Lato Font?

Łukasz Dziedzic designed the typeface in Summers 2010, but it was released in December 2010 by the typeface family family. It is a Google font that is entirely free to use.

What Does Lato Stand For?

Lato is termed as Summers that’s why it was originated in Summers but released in winters with Google’s support.

Where Should Lato Font Be Used?

It is a perfect choice for large-sized texts and large clients but can also be applied in other places.

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