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The Didot Font, named after the famed French printing Didot family, is a serif typeface that has garnered numerous awards and recognitions since its introduction. Over time, several adaptations of this font have been made, all of which have been marked by success. Today, it’s not only highly recognized but also widely used.

It has extended stroke contrast, vertical stress, and flat serifs making it perfect font to be used in your projects. It is best known for being used in webpage texts and is quite legible, especially on small screen texts. You can also secure many text-based font Logos and posters free of cost online with Didot Font Generator that is being used by many people.

Furthermore, if you want to make the best pairing with this font, go with Proxima Nova and Futura Font as they both are the best alternatives.

Usage of Didot Font

The font got a spotlight on many noted places numerous times. An American television network, The style network used one of the font weights. Later an American experienced photographer, Alexey Brodovitch applied this font in his work. Furthermore, in a survey conducted by a typographer Sarah, more than 300 people recommended this font.

Another notable place where it got immense acknowledgment includes Zara Logo where the font was used.  In short, this font is a perfect choice for many places, and one can’t go wrong with this one.

Didot Font Family View

Didot Font View

Font Information

NameDidot Font
StyleDidone, Modern
DesignerFirmin Didot
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree For Personal Use
TypeOpentype, Truetype

License Information

The font was originated under a free license, so you don’t need to buy it in order to use it. Use the font extensively anywhere you want and make your work outstand.

Didot Font Family (Includes 41 Typeface)

  1. Didot-HTF-B06-Bold-Ital
  2. Didot-HTF-B06-Bold
  3. Didot-HTF-B11-Bold-Ital
  4. Didot-HTF-B11-Bold
  5. Didot-HTF-B16-Bold-Ital
  6. Didot-HTF-B16-Bold
  7. Didot-HTF-B24-Bold-Ital
  8. Didot-HTF-B24-Bold
  9. Didot-HTF-B42-Bold-Ital
  10. Didot-HTF-B42-Bold
  11. Didot-HTF-B64-Bold-Ital
  12. Didot-HTF-B64-Bold
  13. Didot-HTF-B96-Bold-Ital
  14. Didot-HTF-B96-Bold
  15. Didot-HTF-L06-Light-Ital
  16. Didot-HTF-L06-Light
  17. Didot-HTF-L11-Light-Ital
  18. Didot-HTF-L11-Light
  19. Didot-HTF-L16-Light-Ital
  20. Didot-HTF-L16-Light
  21. Didot-HTF-L24-Light
  22. Didot-HTF-L42-Light-Ital
  23. Didot-HTF-L42-Light
  24. Didot-HTF-L64-Light-Ital
  25. Didot-HTF-L64-Light
  26. Didot-HTF-L96-Light-Ital
  27. Didot-HTF-L96-Light
  28. Didot-HTF-M06-Medium-Ital
  29. Didot-HTF-M06-Medium
  30. Didot-HTF-M11-Medium-Ital
  31. Didot-HTF-M11-Medium
  32. Didot-HTF-M16-Medium-Ital
  33. Didot-HTF-M16-Medium
  34. Didot-HTF-M24-Medium-Ital
  35. Didot-HTF-M24-Medium
  36. Didot-HTF-M42-Medium-Ital
  37. Didot-HTF-M42-Medium
  38. Didot-HTF-M64-Medium-Ital
  39. Didot-HTF-M64-Medium
  40. Didot-HTF-M96-Medium-Ital
  41. Didot-HTF-M96-Medium

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Didot Font Free Download

Dildot is a free font to be applied and modified in your projects and websites once you have it in your system or device. From the link, you can easily download it without any issue.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Type of Font Is Dildot?

Dildot is a serif font that was named after Didot family. It comprises different font-weight and classes and is a perfect font to be used in your future works.

Is Dildot a Free Font to Use for Commercial Purpose?

It was released under free source license so you can use the font without worrying about buying the license. You can edit the font for different purposes without any restriction.

Is Dildot a Professional Font to Use?

Since the font releases, it has been used by many professional and notable typeface designers and companies, so it surely is a professional font that increases worth and legibility.

What Is Didot Used For?

It is a multi-purpose font that can be used for websites, texts, small-screen content, Titles, Logos etc. It can also be used on movie and television series.

What Is Didot Font Generator?

It is an online tool that allows you to generate different pre-eminent font Logos and posters free of cost, and you can also preview it before saving.

Who Designed Dildot font?

This serif font was developed by a french printing and publisher family, Dildot family many years ago.

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