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Santral font is a sharp and precise sans serif typeface that leads to a highly clear and reliable look to the readers. It was designed with the idea of getting the desired balance of geometrical perfection and optical impressions. It comes in a huge 24 styles and matching versions of italics, including OpenType layouts features and kerning values give the whole typographic implements to get suitable results for the typographic layouts.

This font family was designed and shared by Taner Ardali and comes in 12 weights including regular, bold, thin, medium, black, etc. Each and every weight provides all case letters, numbers, punctuations,  currency symbols, geometric shapes, mathematical operators, updated icons, and many special characters, making it an extraordinary typeface for modern designs.

Furthermore, the design support many international languages including French, English, Latin, Bulgarian and Cyrillic characters. Montserrat font and Arial font are the most similar fonts to this typeface. You can free download this amazing typeface for all your personal projects. If you need the design with the whole features then you must take purchase its license.

Usage of Santral Font

Its clear and proper letterforms make it extra legible for small texture contents and it provides clear and playful communication with the reader. Its advanced features make it suitable for typographic layouts. So, you can fully utilize this amazing typeface for any type of design and text design. It is going to be used big headlines as well as small titles and short paragraphs. You can also use it for office documentation as well as product titling, quotes, post descriptions, store/shop names, etc.

Due to its clean and impressive look, it is perfect in a wide range of designs such as business cards, invitation cards, posters, magazine covers, logos, emblems, advertising, books, webpages, templates, social media posts, Powerpoint presentations, app developments, apparels, catalogs, clothes designs and many more.

Santral Font Family View

Santral font

Font Information

NameSantral Font
DesignerTaner Ardali
StyleSans serif
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree For Personal Use

License Information

This font is free from all the restrictions and licenses while using for any personal use. But if you need to utilize this for your commercial then it is strictly prohibited without its paid license which can be purchased from any reliable website.

Santral Font Family (Includes 24 Typeface)

  • Santral Hairline
  • Santral Hairline Italic
  • Santral Thin
  • Santral Thin Italic
  • Santral ExtraLight
  • Santral ExtraLight Italic
  • Santral Light
  • Santral Light Italic
  • Santral Book
  • Santral Book Italic
  • Santral Regular
  • Santral Regular Italic
  • Santral Medium
  • Santral Medium Italic
  • Santral SemiBold
  • Santral SemiBold Italic
  • Santral Bold
  • Santral Bold Italic
  • Santral ExtraBold
  • Santral ExtraBold Italic
  • Santral Black
  • Santral Black Italic
  • Santral Ultra
  • Santral Ultra Italic

Similar Fonts to Santral Font (Related Fonts)

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  • Crusoe Text Bold font
  • Red Hat Text Medium font
  • CrusoeText-Bold font
  • Arial font
  • Paloseco Medium font
  • Gothic A1 font
  • Homizio Black font

Santral Font Free Download

We offer you a free version of this typeface that you can use in all your personal and non-commercial projects. You will need to get the font by clicking on the below download button.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who created Santral font?

Santral is a good sans serif typeface that provides an advanced typographic touch to designs, designed and shared by Taner Ardali.

What is the closest font to the Santral font?

You can get the similarities in many other sans serif typefaces but Montserrat font and Arial font are the closest fonts to this typeface.

Is Santral a free font?

This superlative font is free from all the license issues when used for personal projects. However, if you want to utilize the design for commercial purposes then you must purchase its license from any reliable source.

What is Santra font?

This is an amazing sans serif typeface family that comes in 24 styles and 12 weights from regular to oblique and matching italics. It was designed and shared by Taner Ardali.

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