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We have a stunning typeface in this post that belongs to the top-notch serif typeface family named Arno Pro font, designed by Robert Slimbach for the adobe system. It is the trademark typeface of the Adobe system, so perfect utilization for commercial projects with your adobe account. It is the most considered font for tattoo designs and got tremendous popularity among tattoo designers. It is the typeface that comes in a huge of 23 varients from regular to Semibold Italic SMText.

This typeface family has also caption bold styles that are great for display projects. In its, every weight has 1011 interesting characters including, uppercase, lowercase, general punctuations, numerals, mathematical operators, currency symbols, ascender and descenders, texture ligatures, many alternates, and some special characters that would be perfect for any type of design or texture content.

This font family is also famous for its pairing functions and can be paired with many other top-notch typefaces like Garamond ATF Text Bold. It can be also specified in the CSS. For getting this font that is similar to century schoolbook free download from our website for all your commercial, official, or business purposes.

Usage of Arno Pro Font

Based on the popularity of tattoo design, it is the most suitable for any type of tattoo design. It is not useful for tattoo designs but also perfect for a huge range of design purposes. Due to its extended styles, you should apply this typeface on various platforms and locations. It is also perfect for any text design, great for headlines and titles as well as short or lengthy paragraphs, store/shop names, quotes, product titling, menus, Newspaper headings, and so on.

You can use this super quality typeface on various displays, webs, and printing designs. It is also designed to provide a good typeface for small to long phrases. But it is the most suitable font for logos, book covers, website templates, business cards, greeting cards, t-shirt designs, banners, emblems, app designs, Powerpoint presentations, assignments, labels, and many more.

Arno Pro Font Family View

Arno Pro Font

Font Information

NameArno Pro Font
DesignerRobert Slimbach
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree For Commercial Use

License Information

This typeface is included in the adobe fonts and it is free for all personal and commercial use, but you need to use it with your adobe account, same you are using some other typefaces in the adobe library.

Arno Pro Font Family (Includes 23 Typeface)

  • Arno Pro Light
  • Arno Pro Light Display
  • Arno Pro Display
  • Arno Pro Subhead
  • Arno Pro Italic SmText
  • Arno Pro Semibold Subhead
  • Arno Pro Bold Italic
  • Arno Pro Semibold Italic SmText
  • Arno Pro Semibold Italic Caption
  • Arno Pro Bold Subhead
  • Arno Pro Italic Display
  • Arno Pro Caption
  • Arno Pro SmText
  • Arno Pro Bold
  • Arno Pro Bold Italic Subhead
  • Arno Pro Light Italic Display
  • Arno Pro Italic Subhead
  • Arno Pro Semibold SmText
  • Arno Pro Semibold Italic Subhead
  • Arno Pro Semibold
  • Arno Pro Italic
  • Arno Pro Regular
  • Arno Pro Italic Caption

Similar Fonts to Arno Pro Font (Related Fonts)

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Arno Pro Font Free Download

This is an adobe font that you can fully use anywhere in your graphic designs or online platforms such as web designing. So, hit the below download button to get it for free.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What font is similar to Arno Pro?

You can find many similar fonts to this typeface such as Pesaro Font, Ashbury Font, etc, but the most similar font is Garamond Oldstyle font.

Is Arno Pro the same as Times New Roman?

Arno Pro is an ultra-modern typeface, maybe got inspiration from Venetian fonts. Due to its similar functions and stylish look, it can be known as the best alternative to the Times New roman font.

Is Arno pro a serif font?

This is an excellent old-style serif typeface family that was designed and shared by Robert Slimbach for Adobe Systems intended for professional purposes.

Is Arno Pro a free font?

Of course, this amazing typeface is free from all license issues and you are free to use it on every platform and design such as official, commercial or personal uses.

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